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ASA Firewall Step by Step Configuration - LAB 1

ASA Configuration - LAB 1

About This Blog - 

ASA configuration is complicated task for new learners 
& for experienced professionals also There are lots of 
terms & technologies to study & implement on Firewall.
My goal in this video series is to create a simple step 
by step lab  tasks on ASA which covers all necessary 
practicals you need to perform on ASA in enterprise network.  

An online document Content

An online document is created which contain following
information. You can request access of that document

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 #Complete LAB Workbook,

#Commands Explanation (commands used in lab)

#Basic Interview Questions (Related to Lab Tasks)

** Document will be updated after every LAB

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Tasks to complete in lab 1 -

* ASA Interface configuration

* Configure Default Route on ASA

* Configure dhcp on ASA

* Use of Fixup Protocol ICMP Command

ASA Configuration Videos are available in Hindi & English 

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