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ASA Firewall Step by Step Configuration - LAB 1

ASA Configuration - LAB 1

About This Blog - 

ASA configuration is complicated task for new learners 
& for experienced professionals also There are lots of 
terms & technologies to study & implement on Firewall.
My goal in this video series is to create a simple step 
by step lab  tasks on ASA which covers all necessary 
practicals you need to perform on ASA in enterprise network.  

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Tasks to complete in lab 1 -

* ASA Interface configuration

* Configure Default Route on ASA

* Configure dhcp on ASA

* Use of Fixup Protocol ICMP Command

ASA Configuration Videos are available in Hindi & English 

Click to Watch English Version on Youtube



Click to watch Hindi version on Youtube

DHCP Concepts Walk-through

  DHCP - Basics to Expert   (Level 1 - Beginner) 

First Things First :-  High Level Overview of DHCP 

What is DHCP  .... Why we need DHCP ......  How DHCP Solve our Problem.....


Need to assign IP in 200 Devices OR assign IP to a new device when it connects with network. (Manual assignments of these IP requires lots of time)


* We can create DHCP server,

* DHCP will provide IPs and other Parameters to Client. 

* DHCP also maintains database of client & renew IPs if Requested.

Real World Examples  :-  

* Your internet provider you IP via  DHCP

* Your home WIFI use DHCP to provide IP

* In Enterprise network we can use Servers/routers etc. as DHCP Server

Do Not Skip This Step :-  Prerequisite

You need to know following terms/topics  before learning DHCP

IP Address  - What is IP address , Why we need IP address ? ,

Limited/Directed Broadcast IP addresses

Mac Address – What is mac address, Layer 2 Broadcast

Subnet mask – basic understanding , role/use

Gateway – why we need gateway / why router IP is gateway?

DNS – What is DNS

Port Numbers – Use of port numbers

OSI – What information is added on Layer 2,3 & 4 , application layer

DHCP Introduction :-

Definition - DHCP is used to provide dynamic/automatic IP to PCs/devices.

In order to communicate with other device/network every device Needs IP. We can assign IP manually. With DHCP we can automatically  assign IP address and other parameters  (subnet mask, gateway, DNS, lease duration etc.)

Different IP assignment options in PC (DHCP Client) : -

 IP Assignments Option in PC 

Obtain an IP automatically : - Get IP from DHCP Server

Use the Following IP :- Insert IP Manually

Different Parameters Provided by DHCP Server :- 

IP address :- Unique Device IP/Identification in LAN

Subnet Mask :- Subnet Mask Used in Network

Gateway :-  IP address of router to connect  with internet/different network

DNS :-  IP address of DNS Servers to resolve IP addresses for Domain Names.

Note :- DHCP Provide lots of other information, will be discussed Later in Level 2 & 3 Sections.  

DHCP Server : - We configure DHCP Servers to provide IP & other parameters. 

Devices Works as DHCP Server :-

* Windows/linux Server 

* Router / Firewall etc.

* Home DSL Router / Wireless Access Point

* Mobile Hotspot & more 

Home WIFI Router LAN Side DHCP Settings


DHCP Pool/Range :- We Define range of IP Addresses we want to Assign Via DHCP

Lease Duration :- Time Duration for a IP to be bound with particular Client. 

DNS :- DHCP can provide DNS IPs I gets from ISP or

DHCP can provide own IP address and forward DNS requests to ISP

Router IP : - IP of router/gateway 

Note : - In this case DHCP server & gateway Is same. But our gateway can be different from DHCP server.

Obtained IP from DHCP Server Configured Above :-


Notes : -

* I didn’t configured DNS

So DHCP Client getting DNS Servers provided by ISP to DHCP Server / Wifi Router

* If you have notices lease duration was 1440 min = 24 hours

but Here we can see lease obtained on Tuesday & expires on Thursday (48 Hours).

How is it possible ??? This is called DHCP Renewal which occurs after 50% time duration of lease time. Will be explained in Level 3 Section.





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